We are an exciting social gaming startup that organizes leagues and tournaments at local bars for the most popular sports video games.
Do you like sports gaming? Do you like winning money? Do you like meeting new people? Do you like free beer?
If you say yes to any of these questions then you should join Players’ Lounge. We have prizes for the best players at every event, which includes cash, video games and more.
You can register for events by creating an account and registering for a league or tournament on our events page.
We are currently only holding events in New York City.
We are doing our best to bring Players’ Lounge events to new places as quickly as possible. We ask for your location during registration so we can gauge which locations are drawing the most interest. If you are interested in helping organize a Players’ Lounge event please email us at help@playerslounge.co.
The entry fee for tournaments range from $0 - $100. Bigger entry fees = bigger prizes and better talent! At this time, leagues have a one time sign-up fee of $60.
What are they?
Players Lounge Points are PL’s digital rewards system. You can use them as payment towards league and tournament entry fees.

You can find your balance at the top of the page after you sign in:

How can I get them?
PL points can be earned simply registering for events and by winning specific leagues and tournaments. Sometimes we offer points for goal of the night, spirit award and other fun, random things.

You can also accumulate Players’ Lounge Points by referring friends to come to Players’ Lounge events. You can view our referral program details below.

How do I use them?
PL Points can be used towards the registration of any event.
Tournaments are one night events that are either single or double elimination and can range anywhere from 8-64 players. Rules and prizes will be detailed on the specific tournament event page.
In the Leagues, you pay a one time league due fee. You play everyone in the league once in the "regular season", which is typically the first four to five weeks of the season. The final week consists of the final make up games and playoffs. You come to the same location at the same time on the same night of the week. The scores are recorded and fed to the website in real time where the entire public can view up to date standings and stats (yes we keep stats! i.e. possession, shots on goal, red cards etc).

Losing a game is not the end of the night. Everyone generally plays 3-5 games in a night, depending on the consistency of their attendance.

It's okay if you have to miss a week or two of the season. We will just schedule accordingly, so when you're there, you're playing a higher average number of games per night than other folks. We have 3-5 consoles running at a location, per night, so we get a lot of games in!

Basically, when you do the league, you'll have something to look forward to each week, and you'll get to know the guys in your league.
We currently offer FIFA tournaments and leagues on Xbox One. More games coming soon!
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